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Issues that matter to Iowans.

Excellence in Education

I taught in the Cedar Falls School District and understand the value of education as well as the challenges facing Iowa's students and teachers. 

Making public education a priority is one of the reasons I ran for the Cedar Falls School Board and the Iowa State Senate. I will continue fighting to fully fund and support K-12 public education. I promise to always stand up for our public school teachers and parents so our children and families have all the resources they need to succeed. 

I know that we must extend those resources for our students beyond high school as well. Iowa's community colleges, technical training programs, and state universities all provide paths to success. Higher education, whether it be at UNI or Hawkeye Community College, should be affordable and accessible for all Iowans.

Classroom Lecture
Open Sign

Fighting for Our Community

Our community leaders are elected to serve the community and local businesses, not wealthy lobbyists or special interests. I will always stand up against those who rig the system in their favor and fail to deliver for rural Iowa, because I believe the interests of everyday Iowa families should come first. I promise to continue being an advocate for all of the greater Cedar Valley region, making sure that my constituents in Black Hawk, Tama, and Benton Counties have their voices heard in the Iowa Legislature.

Protecting Our Healthcare

The privatization of Medicaid in Iowa has been a disaster, making healthcare less accessible and more costly for many of the most vulnerable Iowans. I promise to continue fighting back against legislation that makes healthcare less accessible and more expensive. 

Expanding access to healthcare insurance and mental health programs is critical so more Iowans can get the care they need. Healthcare is a right, and our work is not done until every Iowan is able to see a doctor when they need care.

Doctor and Patient
River through Evansdale

Protecting Our Environment

As a program manager at the Center for Energy and Environmental Education at UNI, I worked to find sustainable solutions to the environmental problems our communities face. The repercussions of our changing climate affect us all, which is why I have and will continue to reach across the aisle to address our water quality, flooding, and clean energy adoption challenges. 

I believe that unsustainable practices have a negative effect on our local economy, so I will fight hard to accelerate the adoption of clean energy technologies that will create good local jobs and advance our leadership in the transition to the new energy economy. 

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